Thursday Night Live - London, KY 7/18/19

Thursday Night Live - London, Kentucky (7/18/19) 

A show review by SuperFan, Little Randy 

Now, it takes quite a bit to get me to leave my beloved East Tennessee. Some might say not even an act of god is gonna get ol’ Little Randy to leave the state. Hell will freeze over before that happens. Well friends, Hell froze over this evening. I packed up my bootleg recording gear and ventured north. My boys, The Deadbeat Scoundrels, had a show tonight tonight up in London, Kentucky opening up for another pretty good group named Brother Oliver. This was part of the city of London’s summer concert series called “Thursday Night Live!” I figured it wasn’t gonna kill me to leave the state for a few hours, plus I would get to see the boys play in Laurel County, Kentucky...Home of the ORIGINAL Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant, Home of the International Chicken Festival, and London - birthplace of one of the best folk singers of all time, Mr. Darrell Scott. So, I figured all would be well. 

When I arrived in the deep dark hills of eastern Kentucky, the sun had not gone down at about 3 in the day as Mr. Scott’s song would have you believe. Instead, the day star had a different idea this evening. That being that it would unleash a fiery intense feeling all over my body that I only get when I forget to wash my hands after handling the habanero and jalapeno peppers back on the dirt farm and go pee like some sort of lunatic who enjoys feeling like his dangling participle is being held over the annual bonfire at the Robots vs. People who don’t get the expressed written consent of MLB event. I know that is probably a run-on sentence, but I don’t care. I’m writing this review, not you. Anyway, yet again, the guys were on fire tonight, much like the right side of my face. I had to order a very iced well-creamed coffee to prevent my whole body from melting for multiple reasons. Tonight, the guys added a little something extra to the show. You see the concert series is held on the steps to the Laurel County courthouse. So the band saw it best to add a flamethrower demonstration right in the middle Lil’ Mama. I mean, what could go wrong? The fire department is right there behind the courthouse anyway. Plus they wanted to show that government and fire do mix well when live music is involved. I couldn’t agree more! Also, as you may remember the boat dock ramming incident from the last show, this show’s distraction came in the form of an ambulance with wailing sirens having to go around the block because the part of main street directly in front of the courthouse was blocked off for the event.  

The crowd slowly began to grow as the show went on. The audience, for reasons unknown to me, and maybe it is a Kentucky thing, erected a 20 foot tall sculpture, made entirely of the plastic chairs set out by the event organizers, representing the three stages of arousal due to proper placement of cracked egg shells on a Tuesday, even though it was Thursday. Your guess is as good as mine. At any rate, the sounds of The Deadbeat Scoundrels rang out all through downtown London and stirred something, some feeling, among those that were present. Several dogs were present at the show, again. They seemed to enjoy it even more than the people. The Deadbeats did make an announcement that their debut EP will soon be available for purchase and as a bonus, they had 10 homemade copies available for purchase tonight, including hand drawn art work. Needless to say, I wanted to buy them all, but also didn’t want to deprive southeast Kentucky of the orgasmic ear spasms that The Deadbeats’ music induces, so I only bought one. Just FYI - I think there were a few left over that may be available at future shows. Check the website for dates. 

Since the guys were an opening act, this was a rather short show. About an hour, but it was an intense hour filled with original songs and some covers. My face got melted off for multiple reasons this evening. The guys ended with Killin Time which went into a skin blistering rendition of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, which I had never heard live before. It made me question everything that I had believed to be true. My very iced well-creamed coffee tasted just a little bit sweeter after that. It was a great day to be alive! 

I journeyed back to the dirt farm in Maynardville after the boys set ended and after catching a bit of Brother Oliver’s set. I blasted the Hell out of the new EP all the way home because my car still has a CD player, unlike some newer cars. I fear that CDs are about to go the way of cassettes. You know, go away for about 10 years and then make a comeback, which is why you all need to buy as many of the EPs on CD, and possibly cassette, as you can once they become available. That’s my hot take on the sitch. 

As a side note, you all should know that I wrote this review completely in the nude. I figured I wouldn’t be wrong to go the sexy route and I know it will enhance the reader’s experience to be aware of this fact. I know this is the content you all come here for. The guys have a show at Pour Taproom in the Old City tonight and I unfortunately, will not be able to make it due to the fact that one of my prized highland longhorns has a very serious case of gout. How does an herbivore with hooves get gout gout you ask? Just don’t question it. Things are a little different down on the dirt farm. I’m sure the guys will be fine without me for one show. 

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