Jimmy's Place 6/29/18 

Live at Jimmy’s Place on Norris Lake 6/29/19 

A show review by superfan, Little Randy 

As an upper-middle class conventional artichoke cultivator living on a dirt farm just outside of Maynardville, TN, I am quite the connoisseur of extended amounts of time spent with women named Katie discussing glitter and respecting other people’s relgions, well-creamed coffee, and fine ass music. You may have gathered this just from reading the mere statement that I am a conventional artichoke farmer, but I’m here to tell you that if any of those things occur in a littoral (i.e. near shoreline) setting, it will be a helluva event. So, you can imagine my sexually aroused state when I heard that my favorite band, The Deadbeat Scoundrels, were playing just up Norris Lake from me at Jimmy’s Place, a restaurant/boat dock at Norris Landing Marina in Tazewell  last Saturday night.  

I arrived just before the show began at 7pm, ordered me an ice cold well-creamed coffee with a suggestion of beard, a deep fried combo, and settled in for an evening of alternative folk originals and covers. Promptly, before the boys got started, someone rammed their boat into the dock, which caused the entire establishment to bob up and down in a remarkably nauseating, yet ‘makes things interesting’ fashion. I assume they were in such a hurry to hear The Deadbeat Scoundrels play that they threw all knowledge boating safety to the wind, and thus what happened happened. I’m here to tell you, though,  that once people stopped hitting things with boats, the boys were on as much fire as my annual bonfire celebrating the yearly robot vs those who don’t get the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball wars. It was astonishing to say the least! People in the audience were dancing on the tables, with the exception of the three people sitting at the table next to me who appeared to be so overwhelmed with the beauty and talent of The Deadbeat Scoundrels that they looked as if they were witnessing a hearing on parliamentary procedure with everyone being in the nude smearing themselves with chocolate pudding. They may have just been drunk. I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter.  

Anywho, the boys powered their way through the first set melting the knees and ankles off of everyone in the process. After a break in which they thought they would get dinner, but didn’t, the guys started up their second set. The dogs that were sitting right in front of the stage (yes, that’s right-some people thought it to be a good idea to put there dogs two feet from extremely loud music) seemed to enjoy what they were hearing, or maybe they were just terrified. I mean, more people watching tucked their tails and peed themselves than those dogs did, though. So, those dogs definitely have good taste in music. The audience was at a mustard-covered fever pitch frenzy when the guys rolled out their cover of Tainted Love by Soft Cell. It was so wild, that several picnic tables and a copious number of duvet covers were tossed directly into the lake as an unencumbered sacrifice to the Lake Gods for bestowing upon everyone such an amazing show. Why were there so many duvet covers at a Deadbeat Scoundrels show, you ask. Just accept it and don’t question it. Dinner suddenly arrived, and The Scoundrels paused for some deep fried Hell Yeah! and  French fries. A couple of noteworthy things happened during the dinner break. First, a boating officer pulled over and administered a breathalizer test to the parliamentary pudding people, thus confirming my hypothesis that they were under the influence of something. Second, and foremost, I overheard The Scoundrels discussing a week long boat journey from Norris Dam to Jimmy’s Place prior to their next scheduled appearance at said venue. They agreed to play the entire way up to J’s Place and stay in the middle of the lake since that is considered international waters and they could get away with unsanctioned gambling, drinking, and raccoon tapioca flamethrower competitions. They all agreed they didn’t know what the latter was, but they were sure as shit going to do it. Like a possum at an Applebee’s bar, it would assuredly be a shock to everyone that witnessed it. “All advertisement is good advertisement”, they said. 

Set three began a bit more subdued compared to the other two, but quickly escalated into inconceivable debauchery, the likes of which have only seen at my ‘Sunday Afternoon Anything Goes” tea and whiskey parties. Most of the crowd had begun to clear with the exception of the hammered handful that just appeared at the outside bar. Though small, they were loud and rowdy. They screamed out requests which primarily included, “More bass and shit!” In fact, the guys were approached by one of the male members of the rowdies who made a personal request on behalf of his wife, who, judging from how much she was yelling and drinking, at the same time...somehow, probably doesn’t remember anything beyond 6pm that night. I have verified his request from the audio of the bootleg recording I was making that night, and it is as follows: “My wife loves bass. So, play something with a lotta bass. Which, you don’t have a bass guitar, but you have that thing (gesturing toward the upright bass). Bunch of stray cats and (inaudible) shit. So, play something with a lotta bass.” No idea what he was referring to when he said stray cats, but I can only hope he was referring to the group of feral cats by the dumpsters beside the parking lot on the mainland who had very low frequency, guttural meows. The Scoundrels obliged by playing No Diggity by Blackstreet, which was well received. There were other requests besides “bass shit”. I remember hearing one for Lenny Kravitz, which I assume they wanted to hear American Woman, which isn’t a Lenny Kravitz song, but a Guess Who song. The rowdies demanded an encore from the guys. They played a very high energy and eclectic version of the AC/DC song It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll), which led the rowdies to sacrifice the rest of the tables to the Lake Gods in a primal display that any episode of Wild Kingdom couldn’t hold a candle to. It was an epic show, with an epic dinner, with an epic ending, to an epic night! 

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