Thursday Night Live - London, KY 7/18/19 

Thursday Night Live - London, Kentucky (7/18/19) 

A show review by SuperFan, Little Randy 

Now, it takes quite a bit to get me to leave my beloved East Tennessee. Some might say not even an act of god is gonna get ol’ Little Randy to leave the state. Hell will freeze over before that happens. Well friends, Hell froze over this evening. I packed up my bootleg recording gear and ventured north. My boys, The Deadbeat Scoundrels, had a show tonight tonight up in London, Kentucky opening up for another pretty…

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Jimmy's Place 6/29/18  

Live at Jimmy’s Place on Norris Lake 6/29/19 

A show review by superfan, Little Randy 

As an upper-middle class conventional artichoke cultivator living on a dirt farm just outside of Maynardville, TN, I am quite the connoisseur of extended amounts of time spent with women named Katie discussing glitter and respecting other people’s relgions, well-creamed coffee, and fine ass music. You may have gathered this just from reading the mere statement that I am a conventional artichoke farmer, but I’m here to…

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